Database Jato Dynamics: AUTOMANAGER Use interfaces smartly

Digital tools are becoming increasingly important in the car trade 2.0, as not only studies by the online group Google but also DAT Deutsche Autotreuhand confirm in their annual report. That is why it is becoming increasingly important for car dealerships to target their customers online. 

But the competition does not sleep! On platforms such as Autoscout or Mobile, you can only distinguish yourself with an excellent presentation and extensive vehicle data.

Jato Dynamics and AUTOMANAGER! Thanks to the comprehensive database of Jato GmbH and the easy application of the car dealership software, you can efficiently optimize your vehicle management and sales.

Jato Dynamics: Automotive expertise from Great Britain

Jato Dynamics Ltd. was founded in 1984 by Jake Shafran and is headquartered in Uxbridge, a suburb of London. The company has offices in 49 different countries and is represented in more than 50 international automotive markets. The German headquarters of Jato Dynamics GmbH is located in Schwalbach am Taunus.

Jato Dynamics sees itself as a business intelligence partner that gathers information from the automotive industry and makes it available to its customers. From vehicle and market research data to cost calculations, the company stands for pure automotive expertise. The Jato database is, so to speak, the international equivalent of the DAT software.

database jato dynamics home page for precise market information

Jato Dynamics & AUTOMANAGER: How the interaction works

If you want to optimize the creation of convincing advertisements for your online business in your car dealership, then you are well advised to use Jato Dynamics and AUTOMANAGER as your digital partner. This way you can integrate the database and the car dealership software into your everyday business:

1. organise your vehicle management in all process steps from receipt, cleaning and repair to sale with the AUTOMANAGER.

2. create professional vehicle images with the app even without prior technical knowledge. picdesigner.

3. create advertisements in your digital showroom with just a few clicks and optimize them with vehicle data from the Jato Dynamics database.

4. publish your advertisements in your digital showroom and on over 50 other platforms simultaneously.

Shorten the downtimes of your vehicles through efficient process management. Reduce costs and increase your turnover.

Our tip: With the AUTOMANAGER you benefit from the included DAT license. With further data around special equipment and technical data, you can offer your customers additional added value thanks to the optional Jato license.

Our conclusion: With Jato Dynamics & AUTOMANAGER in the digital showroom

Your digital showroom and your advertisements on various online platforms are the heart of your digital business. Thanks to Jato Dynamics and AUTOMANAGER , creating the ads and using them in vehicle management is child's play, even without prior technical knowledge. 

This will not only save you costs and increase your sales - your customers will also appreciate the comprehensive service!

Would you like to learn more about the smart interfaces of the AUTOMANAGER learn more? Then arrange a non-binding strategy discussion with the pixelconcept developer team online or by phone at +49-561-789845-0.

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