Car dealership software - which is the best

Software for the car dealership - what is the best software for the car dealership?

Using software in a car dealership is no longer a distant dream of the future! Digitalisation is the engine of the future and has now reached the centre of our society. And just as the automotive industry has always been characterized by sophisticated technology and innovation, the car dealership software is reshaping the automotive trade of the 21st century.

Whether it's about operational processes that are made clearer and more transparent for employees and managers, or about direct contact with customers - a car dealership software is your digital and efficient solution for reconciling the online and offline worlds.

According to an analysis of the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) in 2019, 80% of all new car buyers inform themselves online before buying their car and 10% even complete the car purchase on the net, with an upward trend! With the help of software solutions, this opens up opportunities for the automotive trade to pick up potential customers early in their decision-making process and seamlessly integrate on-site services.

Find out here how a car dealership software can integrate various processes in your car dealership, make your daily work easier via smart interfaces and increase your turnover.

A car trade software offers management solutions for professionals

The car trade is changing. Traditional sales channels are being challenged by customers, who are increasingly turning to online offers. This does not mean, however, that stationary trade has had its day! Rather, it offers you the chance to combine the best of both worlds by implementing a car dealership software.

A car dealership software like the AUTOMANAGER offers you the following advantages:

Digital process management pays off

The work processes in a car dealership are complex. From the purchase to the sale of a vehicle, the vehicle passes through various departments and the most diverse employees and service providers are involved in marketing and sales. It can be a real challenge to have an overview of the various processes and to stay informed about the current status across departments.

This is where car dealership software can help you! With a platform like AUTOMANAGER you always have all work steps, areas of responsibility and customer inquiries in view - on the stationary PC as well as on the go on the smartphone. In addition, the car dealer software can be adapted to the individual workflows in your company and thus offers a tailored solution for your car dealership.

Functions for car dealership professionals: Discover here the features with which AUTOMANAGER simplifies your everyday work and efficiently increases your sales in the long term.

The vehicle fleet always in view

Every car dealer knows that speed is of the essence in the used car business. The less time that elapses between taking in a used vehicle and selling it, the higher your return. Software for car dealers, such as the AUTOMANAGER, helps you optimize your inventory management efficiently and individually. This way, you track the status of your used vehicles seamlessly and transparently:

  • Define the relevant process stages within the software itself.
  • Define responsible persons at each process stage.
  • By means of a location recognition you always know in which stage the vehicle is located.
  • Agree on a time frame for the respective process stage.
  •  Recognize weaknesses in everyday business life and make targeted use of potential.

More than 100 functions increase your productivity: Find out here how you can make the sales process more efficient thanks to digitalisation.

Customer loyalty thanks to lead management

The modern car customer is agile and unbound. Thanks to networked communication and the omnipresence of the Internet, prospective buyers today not only have the opportunity to compare different offers more easily. They are also more flexible in their choice of car dealership. Use this development to your advantage!

Car dealership software like AUTOMANAGER helps you optimize service to your regular customers, identify potential new customers, and convert them to delighted customers:

  • Thanks to effective contact management, you always have your leads in view.
  • New requests are recognized by the system and automatically distributed to responsible persons.
  • Using conversation modules, communication with the customer becomes child's play.
  • The evaluation of customer enquiries and calls reveals unused potential.
  • With the practical dashboard, you always have an overview of all important key figures.

Ignite the sales turbo: Read here how you can optimally support your sales team and increase your conversion rate thanks to modern lead management with AUTOMANAGER .

Start today with the free Automanager Free

With the free Automanager version you can be up and running in as little as 3 minutes: DAT license, access to the 50+ integrations, dealership website and much more included. 

With car dealer software to the online vehicle exchange

The increasing importance of online sales confronts many traditional car dealerships with the challenge of advertising vehicles in the shortest possible time on various car shows with appealing visual material in order to remain competitive. However, the high expenditure of time and the necessary know-how are often limiting factors in the hectic daily business, which relativize the actual profit from online business.

The simple solution? Automotive retail software helps you set up your digital salesroom! The AUTOMANAGER MARKETPLACE offers an end-to-end solution that seamlessly combines online and offline sales on one platform. The following features save time and increase your lead conversion when selling online:

  • Perfect presentation of your vehicles thanks to the photo app with 360° images.
  • Create your own website in Responsive Design - even without IT knowledge!
  • Map the entire sales process online up to the signed contract.

Create an online buying experience 2.0: Discover the revolution of online car sales and contact us for a personalized offer.

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Smart interfaces ensure seamless integration

When it comes to using new software in the car trade, the rule is: the simpler, the better for everyone involved! That's why AUTOMANAGER relies on a platform that connects existing infrastructures, customers and service providers via intelligent interfaces.

For example, you have the possibility to integrate the automotive trade software via a WordPress plugin or a code snippet of your existing website. DMS and optionally DAT & JATO data for current technical data and for easy pricing can also be imported via interfaces.

Comprehensive online presence with just one click: Thanks to our platform partners, your vehicle appears with just one click on over 50 car exchanges! Of course you can also bring together banks and other service providers in the software for car dealers.

Car dealership software - Contact us for individual advice!

A car dealership software that is ready to use in just three minutes and adapts to your individual wishes sounds too good to be true? Not so with AUTOMANAGER! We develop smart solutions for car dealerships, manufacturers and importers that help you to manage your sales on and offline efficiently and sustainably with minimal effort.

More than 1,500 car dealerships from over 5 countries.

Many well-known car dealership groups and car dealers of different brands trust in our software platform. We are very proud of the long-standing partnership. These are only a few of them.

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