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All-in-one vehicle exchange for the digital car trade of today.

Use the power of the most powerful e-commerce platform in the automotive trade for yourself. Switch to the award-winning web platform and generate better leads and online sales immediately.

For an outstanding user experience.

The Automanager marketplaces of pixelconcept change the way of buying a car.

Over 20 years of experience has gone into our vehicle exchanges: Our customers benefit from research in user experience, the latest web technology and partner integrations. We offer the Automanager Marketplace digital retail experience with comprehensive features designed for simplicity, efficiency and delight - wherever the end customer is in the buying process. We deliver frictionless automotive e-commerce solutions that save time and help dealers build loyal customer relationships.

Designed to sell cars.

Over 1,500 car dealerships have relied on our software platform for many years. When do you rely on the innovative functions of the Automanager platform? Over 100+ functions are available in the front and back end. Among them, we have some features that make us truly unique.

Online sales and digital signature

Create an easy and trustworthy way of trade-in. Give your customers the feeling of control by offering a professional price evaluation directly in the buying process. Conclude legally binding contracts online with a digital signature for maximum efficiency and overall view in the purchase negotiation.

Integrated leasing and financing calculators

Allow customers to calculate a personal monthly loan or lease payment that is automatically configured to realistic purchase scenarios based on unique terms and preferences.

Existing integrations to BMW Bank, Volkswagen Bank, Santander and many more can be used immediately.

Integrated communication tools

Help your customers buy and increase your online car sales with live video chat and co-browsing features available directly in the Marketplace and Automanager . Buyers can chat or sellers can share their screens. This makes it easy to start online vehicle inspections - right from the platform with a click.

Over 27,000 accessories already integrated

More than 25 manufacturers' catalogues are completely digitally prepared and integrated into the vehicle detail page. Benefit - depending on the manufacturer - from up to 2,000 offer templates that already contain everything. From high-resolution images, product descriptions and vehicle data to complete vehicle allocation.

Perfect vehicle data for better leads.

The continuously developed vehicle pages guarantee an outstanding shopping experience. They were developed by user experience experts to make all relevant inventory information and a high data depth accessible to the end user. The presentation of vehicle specifications according to special and standard equipment and technical data is unique. 

Adaptable and can be integrated everywhere

The Marketplace is not only quick to integrate, it can also be perfectly adapted to the CI/CD of the dealership website. Furthermore, numerous functions and configurations can be adapted according to the wishes of the dealership. Thus, the Marketplace is suitable for brand dealers, multi-brand car dealer groups, manufacturers & importers and also for independent dealers and workshops.

Fast, safe and visible for all

Our development engineers adhere to strict site speed best practices and continually evaluate the customer experience using meaningful KPIs.
Our vehicle exchanges are designed specifically for shoppers who surf on mobile devices. Mobile first tools and lightning-fast sorting mean faster vehicle selection and safer purchasing decisions.
In addition, the vehicle exchange is constantly adapted to the development of search engines such as google using state-of-the-art technologies.

Integration via WORDPRESS plugin

One, two, three - done.

If your dealer website was created with WordPress, setup is quick and easy: install the WordPress plugin and you're done.
For all others we provide a 2-line script which you simply insert in the source code. That's it.
The rest is done by the intelligent script which adapts perfectly to the surrounding page.

Online retail solution. Success based.

We have spent countless hours building, optimizing and perfecting our website platform. We are absolutely certain that you will see significant results when you use our Automanager Marketplace . In fact, we are so confident in our ability to deliver that you will only pay us if we are successful. The basis for our retail solution consists of unique features.

Vehicle comparison

Within the vehicle exchanges, various functions such as vehicle comparison are available to the end customer.

Detailed search parameters

End customers can search using all relevant vehicle parameters and save search requests.


Generate high-quality trade-ins with professional valuation within the purchase process.

360° spins

Interactive vehicle presentations with 360° outer spins and inner panoramas directly integrated in the vehicle detail page.

Converting Leads

Highly qualified leads with a 6x higher conversion rate are generated via the vehicle exchange.

End to end solution

End customer and car dealer communicate seamlessly and time-saving via a communication platform.

Up to 80% conversion.

The Automanager Marketplace supports car dealers in generating highly qualified leads. Generated leads include validated personal data of the prospect, financing and leasing requirements and comprehensive data about the trade-in vehicle. These leads convert on average 6x better than traditional inquiries. 

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