Detects damage, scratches, dents.

The app for vehicle valuations and appraisals with artificial intelligence.

Relieve your workshop and reduce process costs by having optical vehicle valuations for trade-ins or lease returns carried out by any employee in the dealership.

Why vehicle assessments with the app?

Just watch our short video.

The Autoscan app is a smartphone app for car dealers that uses artificial intelligence to detect and evaluate vehicle damage in photos.

Download app

Simply download the app for your smartphone, register and get started immediately. You can test the functions sufficiently during our test period.

Create photos of vehicle

With the simple user guidance, assessments become child's play. The photo templates simply specify the required perspectives. The app ensures a high level of photo quality for an optimal assessment result.

Receive rating

After our artificial intelligence has recognised the parts and the damage, you will receive all the comprehensive information on the condition in the app. If you wish, you can have a PDF report sent to you by email.

Test it comfortably for 30 days.

Test it for 30 days for 29 EUR including 10 reviews. Simply register, download the Autoscan app and get started straight away.

Advantages of the assessment with the Autoscan App

How to realise more trade-ins and save costs at the same time


Cost advantage & time saving

High costs due to experts are eliminated. No appointment and long waiting times.

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100% digital solution

High flexibility, as the assessment can be carried out at any time

consumer discussion

Simple handling & fair payment

Each person can carry out the condition assessment with the help of the instructions. The calculation is done fairly only per operation.

Functions of the rating app

Our first valuation app for the automotive trade sets standards for how vehicles are valued today and in the future:


Damage detection vehicle via AI

Within a few minutes, the artificial intelligence evaluates the photos taken and detects any damage to the vehicle.


Guides and Photo Wizard

Through the Autoscan app, any person can carry out a condition assessment themselves within a few minutes. All important parts of the vehicle are photographed by smartphone according to instructions and automatically uploaded via the app.


Evaluation and assessment of repair costs

All damage is marked on the individual vehicle components and any repair costs are also listed.

How does an assessment work with the app?

Simple and quick - but see for yourself.


Test it comfortably for 30 days.

Test it for 30 days for 29 EUR including 10 reviews. Simply register, download the Autoscan app and get started straight away.

Further functions of the vehicle assessment app

The use cases for the Autoscan app are very extensive. Our versatile functions already cover many requirements of car dealerships today. Convince yourself now of the new way of vehicle evaluation.

Extremely fast evaluation

Our AI learns every day - with every appraisal. On average, an appraisal is evaluated in less than 20 minutes.

Integrated damage catalogue

Benefit from our integrated damage and repair cost catalogue. This enables an immediate estimate of the repair or damage amount.

Add your own vehicle damage

If damage is not recognised or you want to add damage to the interior manually - no problem. Simply add the damage.

Automanager Synchronisation

All car dealers with a Automanager account benefit from the fully integrated Autoscan interface. All valuations and vehicles are kept synchronised in both applications.

App Screenshots

Would you like to take a look at the app? Here are a few screenshots from the vehicle rating app

Test it comfortably for 30 days.

Test it for 30 days for 29 EUR including 10 reviews. Simply register, download the Autoscan app and get started straight away.

Prices of the vehicle valuations

We love simple solutions and simple deals too. Our app for vehicle valuations is just as simple in its pricing model. And the monthly Basic Plan already includes two assessments every month.

Basic Plan2 valuations included

€ 29

Per month

Further valuations

€ 10

Per process

Any questions about the Autoscan app?

No problem. Maybe you will find your question here already. Otherwise you can reach us via the chat. Or simply book a personal demo appointment.

The AI of the app works like the human eye. In good recording conditions, it is clear what is damage to the vehicle and what is not. Furthermore, the AI learns through use and therefore acts more and more optimally and accurately. In exceptional cases, it can also happen that dirt is recognised as damage or vice versa. In case of doubt, however, this could also happen to the human eye. Simple tricks such as removing the dirt can help here. 

Yes, you can photograph your vehicle anywhere. Whether you are indoors in the showroom or take the pictures on the outdoor area. However, appropriate lighting conditions and shooting conditions should always be given. There should also be an appropriate distance for taking photos, which in most cases means only 1-2 metres.

The way the damage detection works depends on the distance to the car and is comparable to the human eye. Under optimal shooting conditions (light source, distance, clean car), damage detection also works perfectly. The app recognises damage best when the photos are taken as close as possible and a photo is taken for each component of the vehicle. It is not possible to photograph a minimal scratch from a great distance and expect a result. The artificial intelligence learns from the many pictures it has seen before and recognises the damage. When atypical parts such as stickers or attachments are seen for the first time, they may not be recognised at first. Unrecognised parts and damage can then be conveniently added manually.

You can use all Android and IOS devices that are not older than 5 years for our app. A higher photo quality means a better recognition rate. Therefore, high-quality, up-to-date smartphones with good resolution and photo optics are to be preferred.

In today's digitalised world, it is common for business processes to be carried out using mobile devices. For example, a car dealership can purchase an inexpensive smartphone to run the app. Our app can also be installed on a smartphone and then shared by several employees.

A 24-month contract is concluded upon registration. You have the right to terminate the contract immediately within the first 30 days without giving any reason. After the 30 days, the agreed right of termination applies. The cancellation must be made in writing to: received.

10 reviews included in the first month!

Test it comfortably for 30 days.

30 days trial for 29 EUR including 10 reviews.
Simply register, download the Autoscan app and get started straight away.