Vehicle management: The heart of revenue growth for car dealers & dealerships

Vehicle management in the car dealership of the 21st century is a challenge for many car dealers. Between the sharing economy and online platforms, the traditional car dealership is faced with the task of redefining its role within the car trade and using existing resources as effectively as possible.

Vehicle management is a decisive factor in this complex situation. Whether cars or trucks, new or used vehicles - as a car dealer, you know that the time from purchase to sale of a vehicle is a key criterion for optimizing your sales and increasing your profits. 

After all, the shorter the downtime, the higher the turnover. In this context, digital solutions offer the opportunity to 

  • optimized processes,
  • fast response times to customer inquiries,
  • Precise sales management and vehicle marketing 

accelerate the sales cycle and effectively reduce downtime.

When looking for an optimal solution for your car management, however, the question arises: What requirements must such software fulfill in order to be really worthwhile for car dealerships and dealers?

Advanced features for efficient car management

The task of car dealership software is not only to ensure efficient car management, but also to react dynamically to changes and new requirements in the industry. Modern vehicle management software should therefore cover more than just the basic functions of classic administration. 

Innovative features are important to accelerate the sales cycle and reduce the downtime of your vehicles. 

The AUTOMANAGER sets new standards and stands out with its simple integration, innovative technologies and future-oriented functionalities. The software not only increases the efficiency of a dealership's vehicle management, but also makes a decisive contribution to optimizing sales.

Digital process management: downtime reduction & efficient processes 

Thanks to the digital process and workflow management at AUTOMANAGER , you can drastically reduce the downtime of vehicles. Functions such as location controlling and vehicle location evaluations mean greater efficiency as you save time and resources and speed up the sales cycle. 

DAT & JATO integration: all vehicle information at a glance 

The AUTOMANAGER gives you a clear information advantage through the seamless integration of DAT and JATO licenses. With instant access to comprehensive information on every vehicle, from standard to optional equipment and technical details, you are ideally equipped for targeted marketing. This functionality is particularly important in this challenging market environment.

Market price analysis: Smart pricing strategies as a competitive advantage

The AUTOMANAGER relies on an intelligent market price analysis powered by artificial intelligence. The existing vehicles are automatically scrutinized to determine the optimum vehicle price. 

With the help of various key figures (e.g. vehicle price, downtime analysis and sales forecasts), this function enables dynamic adaptation to market conditions. This not only gives you a clear overview of pricing, but also valuable insights for the strategic positioning of your vehicles in the competitive environment.

Lead management: sales management without compromise 

Lead management at AUTOMANAGER ensures that no more potential leads are lost, even if your sales team is working remotely. 

With a print store for price tags and brochures, detailed vehicle searches and a user-friendly car dealership app, customer communication is significantly accelerated and simplified. This ensures a prompt response to customer inquiries, which is directly reflected in your sales figures.

Online sales: maximum presence in the digital space 

With just a few clicks, you can create your own website with an impressive digital showroom and become part of an integrated Marketplace. This creates maximum presence in the digital space and generates qualified leads for effective car dealership marketing.

Seamless integration into leading car exchanges also enables far-reaching visibility in the online space. This multi-channel presence on over 50 platforms, including well-known names such as or, helps you to present your vehicles in the best possible way and strengthen your position in the digital space.

Vehicle images & presentation: Visually attractive for potential buyers 

The AUTOMANAGER also enables an appealing vehicle presentation and an easy way to edit car images - with the picDesigner. Images created in the picDesigner app are automatically synchronized with the vehicle inventory thanks to the integration with AUTOMANAGER . 

These optimized photos, including vehicle release, 3D configurator images and 360° views, are used for the virtual showroom and are also exported to relevant exchanges. You benefit from the visually appealing presentation on online platforms and in the vehicle exchange as well as a professional appearance that increases the attractiveness for potential buyers.

Advantages of digital vehicle management in the dealership

In an era in which the digital customer and the requirements of online platforms are redefining the rules of the game in the car trade, the digitalization of vehicle management is not only a means of coping with the current transformation, but also a source of tangible, measurable benefits:

  • Effective coordination in complex vehicle management

Many contacts and service providers are involved in vehicle management, from vehicle receipt to the offer in the local and digital showroom. There are many process steps such as cleaning, repair and painting that take place between the receipt of a vehicle and its presentation.

So far, so good, but do you have an exact overview of how much time passes unused between the individual operations that could possibly contribute to shortening the service life of a car?

With AUTOMANAGER , you can individually define the entire process from the purchase to the sale of a vehicle. You can define responsibilities and time specifications and keep an eye on the vehicle's location. This enables you to identify weak points and time losses, optimize vehicle management and increase your earnings.

  • Efficient control between car dealership & online platform

Vehicle management at the dealership is already a time-consuming process. However, it becomes even more complex when cars and trucks are to be presented not only in the physical showroom, but also digitally for online-savvy customers. Digital car sales platforms can cost your dealership valuable time, as they often require complex processes for data preparation, integration and publication. 

With AUTOMANAGER , you can effortlessly advertise your vehicles on over 50 car platforms by integrating DAT & JATO data. This means maximum reach in the digital sales channels - and all without additional effort.

But that's not all. With just a few clicks, you can also create your own website with an attractive digital showroom at AUTOMANAGER . This gives you maximum control over your online presence and seamless integration into the world of digital sales channels.

  • Proactive customer approach

The modern customer is well connected and is interested in both physical visits to the dealership and online platforms. Meet demanding customers proactively with optimized vehicle management!

By continuously monitoring vehicle stock and lead management, AUTOMANAGER enables lightning-fast matchmaking between supply and demand. The software acts as an efficient bridge between customer needs and your dealership's extensive vehicle portfolio. 

In this way, customers and the perfect vehicles are successfully brought together online and offline in no time at all - a key to sustainable success and increased sales performance.

AUTOMANAGER: Innovative vehicle management for dealers & car dealerships

Vehicle management without software? Save yourself and your team time and money by relying on effective, digital management of your vehicles! A smart solution such as AUTOMANAGER helps you to optimize the processes in your dealership and efficiently manage sales both analogue and digitally.

How can you make your vehicle management more efficient? Then contact us by telephone on +49- 561-789845-0 or book a demo appointment. In a non-binding strategy meeting, we will be happy to explain to you how you, as a car dealer, manufacturer or importer in the AUTOMANAGER find a simple, fast and individual solution for digital vehicle management 2.0!

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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