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Vehicle management - 5 challenges in the car dealership

Today, no modern company can be imagined without vehicle management. We live in a mobile age, and this not only refers to the increasing spread of smartphones, tablets and mobile internet. Statistics show that passenger traffic within Europe increased by a third between 1990 and 2010 alone, with forecasts predicting a further 30 percent increase by 2030.

The situation is similar for EU goods traffic, which - just like passenger traffic - takes place to about 75 percent on the road. The Future Institute even speaks of a "multimobile era", which is not only about alternative drives and new technologies, but also about digital vehicle management concepts that focus on the question of how vehicles can be managed more efficiently through intelligent interfaces.

At first glance, vehicle management appears to be a topic that mainly concerns companies with vehicle fleets. However, well-organized vehicle management can also open up growth potential in car dealerships. Today we take a look at five challenges of the industry and the opportunities that vehicle management software offers.

Technical vehicle management in the digital age

Vehicle management is generally understood to mean the planning, control and administration of a fleet of vehicles using technical equipment. Technical vehicle management in particular, often referred to as telematics, describes the collection and evaluation of vehicle data such as location, speed and other parameters obtained via GPS and the vehicle's internal CAN bus (Controller Area Network).

This is made possible by technical solutions such as vehicle management software that sensibly links and digitizes analog processes and events. This enables companies to optimise route planning and vehicle deployment, keep an eye on the technical condition of the vehicles and handle administrative tasks such as logbooks or insurance digitally.

What role does vehicle management play in a car dealership?

Efficient vehicle management is of interest wherever the movements of a larger fleet or vehicle stock need to be organized in a cost-effective and revenue-enhancing manner. For this reason, you can also benefit from vehicle management solutions in your dealership.

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After all, there are often numerous steps between taking in and selling a vehicle, which involve not only different departments but also often external service providers. Perhaps you too are familiar with the following challenges that arise in a car dealership.

These are the 5 biggest challenges of vehicle management in a car dealership

  1. Current vehicle stock: All newly arrived vehicles should be entered on all channels (website and online platforms) as soon as possible.
  2. The shortest way from purchase to sale: Save time during cleaning, repair or painting and shorten the time to sale.
  3. Identify matching leads: The faster you target the right buyer, the faster the vehicle can be sold.
  4. Professional vehicle pictures as a guarantee for success: Good pictures of a newly arrived vehicle can significantly increase sales success!
  5. Legally secure purchase contracts and financing: Digital-affine customers increasingly want legally compliant solutions to handle the entire sales process online.

How vehicle management software ensures sales growth

In order to optimise vehicle management in your car dealership, a digital solution is therefore required that combines all stations from the receipt of the vehicle to the sale under one technical roof. This saves you and your employees the effort of having to switch between different systems and ensures the uniformity of the acquired data across all channels.

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Reduce downtimes and boost sales!

With a vehicle management software like AUTOMANAGER you benefit from over 100 functions and services that can be tailored to your individual needs. In this way, you gain full transparency over your vehicle stock and the various process stages and service providers up to the sales floor, shorten stand rates and increase your conversion rate.

An intuitively operated photo app facilitates the professional online presentation of your vehicles, which can be synchronized directly with your website and your offer on used car portals via smart interfaces. In addition, a clearly structured lead management system ensures that you can quickly address the right buyers for your vehicles and even close the deal digitally.

Our conclusion: Vehicle management also pays off in the car dealership!

Vehicle management in the multi-mobile era is no longer a mere fad or a special tool for freight forwarders and logistics companies! Even in the car dealership, you benefit from digital solutions to master challenges in everyday business, efficiently reduce downtimes and increase your turnover.

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