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Our functions for car dealership professionals

Inventory Management

From simple vehicle registration with automatic data enrichment via DAT VIN recognition and JATO Dynamics data to search criteria enrichment, the Automanager ensures a perfect data basis. Extensive functions and options ensure the car dealership simple and successful inventory management of all vehicles.

Vehicle registration

Vehicle with extensive data mask, Upload of vehicle pictures, standard and optional equipment

Financing requirements

Integrated financial calculator with default values (based on saved searches)

Data import in CSV format/data enrichment

Data import/enrichment via CSV file in CSV format (incl. pictures in case of ZIP file).

Data import in other CSV and Excel formats

Data import/enrichment via CSV or Excel file.

Additional model generation

Generation on "type of vehicle", equipment highlights, financing example, leasing example, price advantage compared to UPE, etc.

VIN query / DAT license

DAT license for recording vehicle data via VIN query, input via HSN/TSN, manual selection of the vehicle via manufacturer / model selection

Vehicle file

Digital vehicle file, creation/ modification/ deletion of files

Search criteria enrichment

Definition of rules to automatically assign search criteria to vehicles based on specific criteria (e.g. model series).

Picture archive

Image archive and access to non-assigned images, searchability of image archive and assignment of archive images to vehicles

Group formation / networking Locations

Merge several locations into one group.

Rights- / Role administration

Create, change and delete rights and roles for created users.

Marketing and lead generation

A successful and far-reaching marketing strategy is necessary for further lead generation and the publication of the vehicle inventory. With Automanager , more than 60 platforms and automotive partners are available via the Appstore. Likewise, powerful landing pages for promotions can be created and launched with just a few clicks via the Automanager .

Website Manager

Independent creation of an individual landing page including the provision of an SSL certificate for the optimal protection of your customer data during data transfer.

Export to platforms like & or others

Overview of apps, activation and deactivation of apps, chargeable bookings of additional functions at exchanges

Vehicle photos and exemption

Perfect vehicle photos enable vehicles to be marketed quickly and profitably. The Automanager supports the car dealership and the employees with the photo app picdesigner in the creation of professional vehicle photos. In doing so, we have significantly reduced the photo process and save valuable standing days during marketing.

3D configurator images

Creation of 3D configurator images using the VIN or HSN/TSN of over 1,000 models. Creation of a virtual 3D outdoor spin and other outdoor shots.

Vehicle release

Crop the vehicle (outline) The vehicle (car/motorbike, depending on the selection) is cropped on all images marked for optimization. Placing of cropped vehicle images in front of a virtual background wall. After cropping, all images of a job are placed in front of a virtual background (depending on the background selected).

Background Wall Configurator

Selection of a background Input of a company logo Formatting of the company logo Upload of a company logo Positioning of the elements

FTP server

Configuration of a separate FTP server access Setup of a FTP server access for mass upload of image enhancement jobs

photo app

Take photos and give them directly for optimization Use the integrated camera of a smartphone to take photos of a vehicle directly with the app and then use them directly for the creation of an order

photo guide

Use of an assistance (user-guided photo guideline) for taking vehicle photos If desired, you can activate a guide that explains from which perspective the picture can be taken for each vehicle picture

Price analysis functions

With Automanager , prices are compared with market prices from start to finish. The system gives the dealership a 360° view of the market situation and marketing opportunities at all times.

Market price analysis

Display of certain key figures (including market price, days of standing, expected sales price, etc.) in list form with sorting options for comparing market prices

Vehicle comparison

Comparison of comparative vehicles in tabular form

Sales functions and lead management

The Automanager also supports sales in the dealership. Salesmen and sales managers have extensive tools and possibilities to answer inquiries of customers and prospective customers with few handles from each place of the world comprehensively and fast. 


Create, change and delete reservations with adjustable maximum reservation duration.

Search across locations

Search for location/groups and compound search

Activity overview

Listing of all activities with different display options. Call up the details of the respective mail for further processing.

Request detail page

Overview customer/interested party with address data, link to address master data of the customer/interested party, different views possible, activity preview (subject, source of the lead, inquiry in text form)

Vehicle Identification

Automatic recognition of the lead source from, and others, automatic recognition and linking of the requested vehicle in the case of vehicle enquiries, automatic identification of any reservations or sales in the case of vehicle enquiries.

Activity log

Display of all open and closed activities for the lead, opening the respective activities for detailed information.

Financial calculator

Direct access to sample financing from selected banks, easy transfer of financial calculations into e-mails.

Leadeingang / Autoresponder

Automatic autoresponder at lee-in to the interested party, with automatic distribution method also personalized autoresponder with contact data of the processor possible

print shop

Print a single or multiple vehicles in different documents. Fast dispatch: send printed documents directly by e-mail.

video chat

Invitation via Lead Management System. Maximum three participants at the same time, connection fees apply, see price list.

Marketplace - Dealer Vehicle Exchange

The car dealership has its own vehicle exchange, which is simply integrated into every website via WordPress or code snipet, and thus has its own marketing platform for the online sale of vehicles.

Listing in search engines

The search mask can be indexed by the search engines (Google and Bing), as long as the conditions of the surrounding page have been created for indexing

Search mask with search criteria

Search criteria: Manufacturer/model, body shape, vehicle type, mileage, first registration, drive, colour, equipment, price

Search mask with graphic manufacturer logos and vehicle model images

Manufacturer logos and vehicle model images are displayed per logo for search selection

Car park

Saving vehicles

Vehicle comparison

Compare vehicles

Applications Agent

Creation of temporary valid search requests with e-mail notification to the requester in case of existing search hits

Vehicle consultant

Filtering of search results based on usage-dependent parameters

Applications Agent

Creation of temporary valid search requests with e-mail notification to the requester in case of existing search hits

Digital Signature

All types of contract - from the test drive, trade-in to the purchase contract - can be signed online directly via Automanager in a legally secure manner.

Digital Signature

Jump to the digital signature third-party application

Document upload

Upload of documents (supported formats: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif)

Set signature field

Setting of several signature fields within a document using drag & drop

Touch device detection

If the link is opened on a non-touch device, the system recognizes this and provides solutions (SMS, e-mail to touch device)

Legally compliant

The signatures created by means of the third-party system meet the requirements of an Advanced Electronic Seal (FES) in accordance with Art. 3 No. 26 in conjunction with Art. 36 Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC.


Measuring and evaluating also helps to make the right decisions and take the right measures at the right time. The Automanager provides valuable insights at countless points that enable the dealership to market itself successfully.

Demand data

Display of certain KPIs in list form with sorting options.

Marketing Efficiency Analysis

Evaluation of vehicle calls and demand values (if tracked). Display of the values for different channels, including various filter options

Stock exchange statistics

Tabular view of sources and final targets, evaluation by source/comparison of performance,

Analysis Processing time of inquiries

Graphical evaluation of the duration until the first contact and until the completion of inquiries.

Process and workflow management

Control of processes, external service providers and the monitoring of standards and the service life 1 also go with the Automanager. Using stored processes, the dealership can optimally control and monitor vehicle-related preparation and marketing.

Price adjustment

Automatic resubmission of vehicles depending on configurable standing stages, automatic resubmission of price adjustment when the standing stage is reached

Display of workflows on vehicle detail pages

Display as time axis on the vehicle detail page, display of the persons responsible for the current process step, escalations/overdue dates are displayed, duration in individual process steps and in the overall process

Status change via App

Process steps can be triggered via locations. In this way, the existing process step can be completed and the next one started simply by scanning the vehicle via the AUTOMANAGER app.

Support of multiple, flexible process steps

A workflow is a set of process steps. Steps can also be used several times. These can be defined as MUST or OPTIONAL.

Evaluation export to Excel

The complete service life controlling data can be downloaded as Excel file.