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Signing contracts online at the car dealership with legal certainty

With the integrated legally binding electronic signature (FES according to eIDAS), car dealerships can almost completely switch to digital signatures. With the Automanager solution, you can create end-to-end online processes to complete approvals, contracts and transactions faster.

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Legally compliant according to eIDAS

The electronic signature can be used in any country of the EU in a legally secure manner and cannot be rejected as evidence. An advanced electronic signature (FES) is created in accordance with eIDAS.

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100% contactless

Purchase contracts, purchase agreements, test drive agreements, data protection agreements and much more - You can sign your documents easily, securely and contactlessly.


1-Click contracts

Via the Automanager integration you can send contracts to your customers with just one click and have them signed.

Evidential electronic signature

Biometric signature according to eIDAS

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Biometric characteristics

In addition to the signature image, biometric signature data is also recorded: Signature image, biometric signature data, writing speed, writing direction and pauses, document checksum, position in the document, date and time, GPS data or IP address

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High encryption

All contracts are asymmetrically encrypted together with the biometric signature data. In addition, the documents are protected against modification with an electronic seal. The private key required for this is deposited with an independent notary.


Advanced electronic signature

We use an advanced electronic signature as standard. According to the eIDAS regulation, the signature must be uniquely assigned to the signatory and the company must be uniquely identifiable. A subsequent change in the document must be impossible or recognizable.

Faster than brushing your teeth.

Signing digitally has never been easier and faster.

Custumer data

1. select and upload a contract

Simply select the contract type by clicking on it and prepare the contract in the next step. Simply set signature fields by drag & drop.


2. send the contract to customers

Send the contract for signing in the next step. Contact details such as the customer's email address are already filled in. The customer receives an email with the instructions and can start the process immediately or delayed.


3. have the contract digitally signed by the customer

Your customer can sign directly on a touch device or alternatively redirect the signature to his smartphone with one click. After the customer has completed the process by signature, you will receive a notification and in the next moment you can download the contract via Automanager .

100% success based - We love it.

No monthly costs - no obligation

The possibility to sign contracts online is available to all Lead Management System users. There is a charge of 5 EUR only for use and successful signing.



Trade-in agreements and purchase contracts



With the online signature the conversion increases significantly.

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Test drive

Simply conclude test drive contracts online or completely automatically via Online Sales.

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Test drive

Enable an outstanding customer experience during the test drive.


Sales contract

From the order to the finished purchase contract, sign online in a legally secure manner.


Sales contract

Online retail solution for digital sales for more and better deals.

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Have workshop orders or repair costs signed online by the customer.

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No long waiting times and complicated coordination of repair costs.

From trade-in to after sales

For the complete customer journey in the car dealership

Sales contract
Cancellation policy
SEPA Mandate
Commission contract
Acknowledgement of receipt
Guarantee contract
Workshop order
Test drive
Privacy policy
Rental agreement
Full Service Contract
Expansion order
Assignment for security
Car subscription
user preference

Legally compliant

We grew up in the automotive industry and are familiar with sensitive issues such as data protection, secure communication and data transfer. Of course, our software takes into account all legal regulations of the DSGVO, eiDAS, BGB and BDSG.


Environmentally friendly

With the electronic signature you contribute to reducing environmental pollution by reducing paper consumption. Take a step in the right direction with your car dealership.

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With us, you and your customers can receive, sign and forward documents at any time and from any place. Whether on the road or at home - there are no regular business hours to consider. This increases your closing rate and achieves a higher conversion rate.



You can handle your business processes completely paperless and digitally. This saves you and your car dealership customers time and money. Increased efficiency through lean processes and low archiving costs are just some of the positive side effects for your car dealership.