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Autohaus App: Modern knick-knacks or real added value?

The car dealership app is always an effective marketing tool in the automotive industry. More and more car dealers and manufacturers are focusing on customer loyalty via mobile apps - and thus reaching the digital customer! Because smartphones have now arrived in the middle of society. Surveys show that in the 40 to 59 age group, over 90 percent of people now own a smartphone.

As automotive specialists, we at pixelconcept have been developing software innovations for the automotive industry for over 20 years. Because we are always on the trail of the latest trends, we dedicate ourselves today to the topic of car dealership apps for you. In addition, we also address the question of whether the little technical helpers are simply modern knick-knacks or can offer you and your customers real added value.

What is a car dealership app and what do you need it for?

A car dealership app is an "application" and is also known as application software. It can be run on a smartphone or tablet and offers the user a certain benefit in connection with your car dealership. This benefit is usually limited to a specific use case.

For example, the well-known WhatsApp app can be used to send messages and make phone calls, but not for online searches or purchases. This also distinguishes a car dealership app from car dealership software, which offers much more comprehensive functions.

A car dealership app can also address different user groups. We distinguish between:

  • A car dealership app for car dealership end customers - customer loyalty with additional benefits or is the mobile website also sufficient?
  • A car dealership app for car dealers and employees - vehicle management and sales solution 2.0?

We will take a closer look at both variants for you and get to the bottom of the question for which user group a car dealership app is really useful and practical.

A car dealership online app for end customers vs. mobile car dealership website

A car dealership online app for customers is software that your customers can download to their smartphone to access web content from your car dealership. What's different about this than a mobile website, you may ask. And that's the point: An individual car dealership app for customers is only really useful if it offers real added value compared to your website!

For example, think about your own user behaviour. How many times have you downloaded an app and then uninstalled it because it didn't seem to offer you any particular benefit. So the challenge is to offer a service that strengthens customer loyalty and is not available on your website.
Examples of a real added value of your car dealership app that strengthens customer loyalty are

  • Breakdown service - If your customer has a breakdown, he can notify you with one click using the app and you will automatically locate him via GPS.
  • Customer invoices - An overview of all customer invoices and service calls, makes queries easy.
  • Workshop appointments - Using a booking tool with calendar, your customer can book a binding workshop appointment without having to wait for a confirmation.
  • Offers and promotions - Exclusive offers give your customers a reason to actively use your Autohaus App and lure them to your car dealership.
Our tip: Do you still need to upgrade your mobile optimized website? With a car dealership software, such as the AUTOMANAGER from pixelconcept, you can create your own mobile-optimized website including a digital showroom and a connection to over 50 online platforms in just a few minutes and without IT knowledge.

A car dealership online app for car dealers vs. analog car dealership management

Another area of application for a car dealership app is your own business. In the course of digitalisation, many car dealers have already switched from analogue car dealership management with file folders and catalogues to a car dealership software.

If your employees or you are on the company premises, have an external appointment or accompany a test drive, it is advantageous if you can also access all data on your smartphone via car dealership software.

Here's how a car dealership app, such as the. AUTOMANAGER, as a mobile extension of your car dealership software:

  • Vehicle management from anywhere: Keep an eye on your vehicle stock, including all exposé data and the most important key figures, at all times.
  • Mobile lead management: Stay in touch with your customers and strengthen customer loyalty with integrated online sales software.
  • Professional images: A special car dealership app for photos, such as the picdesigner, helps you create appealing and unique images of your vehicles for your digital showroom.
Our reading recommendation: Would you like to know more about the benefits and advantages of a car dealership software? Then read on in our blog article Autohaus Software - die beste Software für den Autohandel.

Our conclusion: With Autohaus App on the way into the digital age!
An individual car dealership app is an innovative marketing and customer loyalty tool in the smartphone age. Especially when it is used wisely and offers practical added value. Especially you and your employees benefit from a car dealership app with a connection to your car dealership software, which extends your workplace to the smartphone without data loss.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know how to use a car dealership app in your business? We will be happy to advise you by phone at +49- 561-789845-0 or you can arrange a demo appointment with our development team directly via our live chat.

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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