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Autoscout or Mobile - Which is the better portal?

Autoscout or Mobile? This is the crucial question that sooner or later every car dealer who wants to integrate car selling on the Internet into his sales strategy will face. The two online platforms are the top dogs in German online car sales. Meanwhile, neither consumers in search of a new car nor dealers can escape the presence of the two marketplaces.

And yet Autoscout or Mobile are not without controversy in the industry. Many car dealerships see the platforms as direct competitors to their own business model, pushing potential customers into a corner with low prices and an exorbitant range of products.

In addition, many car dealership owners have the impression that mobile, autoscout and other marketplaces are questioning the value chain in the automotive industry with the car dealership as an intermediary between manufacturer and customer.

Buying a car via Autoscout or Mobile or in a car dealership?

According to a study by management consultants MHP, two thirds of car buyers are open-minded about buying a car online, for example with Autoscout or Mobile. However, half of all car customers still prefer personal advice and instruction for their new car.

So the question arises: Can the two worlds of online portals and stationary trade be sensibly combined? And if so, is Mobile or Autoscout the right marketplace for you?

As pioneers of digitalisation in the automobile trade, we at pixelconcept have long been concerned with how analogue and digital sales can work together in a meaningful way and generate powerful synergies. Read here which role mobile, autoscout and co. play in modern car sales and which of the two top dogs for your car dealership is the better choice for a successful online business for car dealerships.

Selling cars on the Internet - New sales channels for car dealerships

Selling a car at Autoscout or Mobile is already part of the daily business for many car dealerships in the course of digitalization. The much-cited "digital customer" is also a feature of car dealerships and describes the change in consumer behavior in the digital age. Both the pre-purchase phase and research, as well as the purchase itself and after-sales are increasingly taking place in the digital space.

Car dealerships must also take this development into account. As MHP found out, almost 80 percent of car customers attach importance to doing their own online research before making a purchase - and in the process they inevitably stumble across online platforms such as Autoscout or!

Take the test yourself! Enter "Buy a car" in the Google search and see for yourself which search results are displayed below the Google Ads marked with "Display".

3 challenges of selling a car on Mobile or Autoscout

Nevertheless, trading on platforms like Autoscout or Mobile is still a problem child for many car dealerships. How do you get professional pictures and who puts the advertisements online? These are only two of many questions that may also arise in your company. A car sale on Mobile or Autoscout presents dealers with the following three challenges:

  • Digitalisation of your vehicle stock: The continuous recording of all vehicles received in order to keep the online offer always up-to-date.
  • Professional images for your ads: The professional visual presentation of vehicles can become a high time and cost factor.
  • Processing of customer enquiries and arranging appointments: Only efficient contact management leads to successful sales transactions via Autoscout or Mobile.
Our reading tip: Car dealership software like the AUTOMANAGER can help you optimize your digital vehicle management. Learn more in our blog article "Vehicle management - a software solution for 3 common problems".

Even professional car images are easier to create than you think thanks to the right tools! Read more in our article "Car editing program - edit car pictures like a pro!“.

3 chances for car dealerships through Autoscout or

According to the study by MHP, online car sales via mobile or Autoscout as well as other portals should reach 50 percent by 2030. But this is by no means the end of stationary trade - quite the contrary!

Anyone who invests in a professional, digital showroom now and incorporates platforms such as Autoscout or Mobile can benefit from the latest developments in the automotive industry. Autoscout or Mobile offer these three opportunities to the classic car dealership:

  • Stationary dealers offer security: Despite online research and the large selection of Autoscout or Mobile, even digital customers feel more secure when making a large investment such as buying a car with a stationary dealer.
  • Service through services: From personal advice and test drives to repairs in the workshop, Autoscout or Mobile cannot provide certain services that only a stationary dealer can provide.
  • Expand your catchment area: When selling a car via Mobile or Autoscout, you have the opportunity to address customers all over Germany who might have taken a longer journey to get their dream car and would not have found their way to you via regional media.

Selling a car Mobile or Autoscout & Co - you have these options

Whether buying or selling a car, Mobile or Autoscout are the first port of call for many customers when it comes to selling or buying a used car. But new cars and even leasing offers can now also be found on the online platforms. The more digital the customer becomes, the more the Internet dealers are differentiating their offers. These platforms can be found on the German market:

  • New car portals: Platforms such as, or act purely as intermediaries between authorised dealers and buyers. The prospective buyer puts together his car using a configurator and then decides on an offer.
  • Used car portals: Autoscout or Mobile as well as Hey Car digitize the classified ads of the 1990s for private sellers and dealers and thus ensure a supply boom and more price transparency on the automobile market.

The industry leaders Autoscout or Mobile in detail

Since almost 70 percent of all car buyers buy a used car, we want to take a closer look at used car portals such as Autoscout or Mobile. Both platforms are considered to be industry leaders on the German market and have the following claims:

Autoscout or Mobile

autoscout or mobile_autoscout logo
Europe's largest online car market
Germany's largest vehicle market

Our car exchange comparison will find out what the top dogs have to say and whether Autoscout or Mobile is the right cooperation partner for your car dealership.

The big car exchange comparison: Mobile vs. Autoscout

Many dealers were amazed when selling cars on Autoscout or Mobile in 2019, when the two portals called for higher prices. With up to 10 to 25 percent higher costs, you too may have lost your perspective at some point. Now the question arises, how much does an advertisement on or Autoscout actually cost? And what do I get in return?

We took a closer look at the range of online marketplaces in the comparative test:

Car exchange comparison* Autoscout or Mobile
How many vehicles do Autoscout or Mobile have on offer?1.07 million vehicles1.5 million vehicles
Autoscout or Mobile - who has how much range?10 million users
(in 18 countries)
13 million users
(maximum reach)
68 percent of online demand in Germany
60 percent of the retailers represented in Germany
How many dealer partners have Autoscout or Mobile?Not specifiedOver 40,000 dealers are permanent partners
How much does an advertisement at or Autoscout cost?Graduated prices AutoScout24 Flex depending on the number of vehicles advertised from 39.00 euros basic price for 2 vehicles + 30.00 euros for additional advertisementsCompact Package from EUR 59.99 + EUR 7.89 for additional advertisements
Comfort Package from EUR 77.99 + EUR 8.89 for additional advertisements
Premium Package EUR 95.99 + EUR 11.49 for additional advertisements
Calculation example price range: 50 cars per month selling Mobile or AutoscoutAutoScout 24 Flex 55 for 499,00 Euro monthlyPrice scale 50:
Compact Package 529.99 Euro
Comfort Package 629.99 Euro
Premium Package 789.99 Euro
Can your customers write reviews?Yes, after you have contacted them via the contact form.Yes, after you have contacted them via the contact form.
What is the usability of Autoscout or Mobile?Can also be operated by beginners without IT knowledge, intuitive user interfaceCan also be operated by beginners without IT knowledge, intuitive user interface
What additional services are offered by Autoscout or Mobile?Financing Calculator
Insurance Calculator
AutoScout24 OneClick
Social Media Turbo
AutoScout 360° Vehicle Inspection
Super DEAL Label
Service Labels
Direct Sales
Financing calculator
Insurance calculator
Leasing calculator
Advertising manager
Advertisement turbo
Top advertisement
Eye-catcher advertisement
Red pencil price

*All values refer to the data published by Autoscout or Mobile in 2019/2020.

**All prices refer to the data published by Autoscout or Mobile in 2020.

Our tip: A car dealership software like AUTOMANAGER offers you smart, integrated interfaces to more than 50 online platforms! So you can update your offer on the various marketplaces with just one click.

Our conclusion: Mobile vs. Autoscout - as a dealer you are spoilt for choice!

Autoscout or Mobile? In our comparison, both online platforms scored equally well as suitable digital marketplaces for stationary car dealers. scores with a higher range and an interface to eBay classified ads. Autoscout24 on the other hand convinces with sophisticated additional services, better usability and a lower and more flexible monthly price.

Whether Autoscout or Mobile is better suited as a digital distribution channel for your car dealership cannot be said in general. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of range, coverage, pricing and service. If you do not want to invest in both portals, our recommendation is to test both platforms first.
After a fixed period of 3-6 months, for example, you can then evaluate whether Autoscout or Mobile is the first choice for you.

Is digitalisation also the next big challenge for your car dealership or do you want to fundamentally renew your digital infrastructure? As an automotive specialist, pixelconcept stands for creative innovations in the automotive industry since 1998. Please contact us by phone at +49-561-789845-0 or arrange a non-binding strategy meeting.

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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