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Used from GWListe: AUTOMANAGER use efficiently

The used car business is clearly the domain of professional car dealers. Online portals such as Autoscout, Mobile and Co. have made direct sales between end consumers respectable. Nevertheless, a study by DAT shows that 68 percent of all used cars are sold by dealers to their customers.

But the used car business also poses challenges for many car dealerships: How do you find enough high-quality used cars to meet the growing demand? And what happens to used cars for which you can't find a buyer? 

Answers to these questions are provided by smart, digital solutions, such as the GWListe portal and the car dealership software AUTOMANAGER.

B2B Network GWListe: This is what the used car portal can do

GWListe is a B2B network for the used car trade that was founded in Wuppertal in 2006. In 2018 alone, the portal was able to broker 16,000 vehicles between dealers. This is how GWListe works for car dealers:

  • Free registration after individual check by GWListe
  • Transparent fee list for advertisements depending on the sales price
  • 50 images or one video per ad
  • Individual vehicle inspection from 2,000 Euro retail value
  • Place your bids in 50 Euro increments
  • Enquiries directly to the dealer or GW list 

The used car network scores with easy handling, a sales rate of 90 percent and a wide range of offers. But the real challenge for many car dealers is the successful creation of advertisements and the efficient acceptance of purchased vehicles.  

GWListe & AUTOMANAGER: Successful digital interaction

The AUTOMANAGER from pixelconcept is a digital all-in-one solution for car dealers. The car dealership software supports you in vehicle management, lead management and the creation of your digital showroom. In addition, smart interfaces to various online portals give you the opportunity to centrally manage your digital business as well.

If you decide to buy or sell a used car on GWListe, you will benefit from the innovative functions of AUTOMANAGER. These are your advantages:

  1. Convince with professional vehicle images: Use the interface between the photo app picdesigner and the AUTOMANAGER to create convincing vehicle pictures with your smartphone and increase your sales chances on GWListe!
  2. Find the right customer: Thanks to the clear lead management in AUTOMANAGER , your sales staff will find the right customer for your additional purchase on GWListe in no time.
  3. Shorten the idle times of your vehicles: Whether through a quick sale or the efficient collection of a purchased vehicle - with GWListe and AUTOMANAGER you ignite the turbo in terms of idle times and resale.

Our conclusion: Sell successfully with GWListe & AUTOMANAGER !

GWListe and AUTOMANAGER are a successful digital team for efficient used car trading. The interaction between the B2B used car portal and the car dealership software creates synergies that you can use to increase your conversion rate and for effective vehicle management.

Would you like to know more about how you can use GWListe and AUTOMANAGER in your car dealership? The pixelconcept developer team will be happy to advise you! Contact us by phone at +49-561-789845-0 or arrange a non-binding strategy discussion directly online.

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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