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Autobörse Deutschland - In search of the dream car

The car market is booming! This is a fact that you as a car dealer can confirm with certainty. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, a total of 3.6 million cars were registered in Germany in 2019. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine how many of them bought their car online at a car exchange. What is certain, however, is that around half of all Germans are prepared to buy a car online.

In a survey conducted by the industry magazine AUTOHAUS, it was also found that around 56% of the leads in the car dealership are acquired via the car exchanges. Reason enough for us to take a close look at the concept of the car exchange. How does a car dealer exchange actually work, which car exchanges are there and which is the best car exchange in Germany? We answer these and other questions in this article.

Die Auto Online Börse - Sell used cars on the Internet

A car exchange is basically a trading platform that brings together buyers in search of their dream car and car dealers. In addition to the car dealer portals of the manufacturers, there are several independent car exchanges in Germany, such as Autoscout24 or Mobile. This is what you need to know about the dealer exchange for cars:

This is how the car exchange concept works

  • Car exchange for consumers: As a consumer, you can find cars for sale at a car exchange and put a car up for sale privately (usually free of charge). When buying a car, you have numerous filters at your disposal so that you can choose a car from the exchange from the offer.
  • Dealer exchange car for the car dealership: As a car dealer you have the opportunity to present your new and used cars on car exchanges with pictures and technical data and thus generate new leads or even sales online.

How to benefit from a car exchange

For a long time there was a discussion in the automotive industry about whether the "Auto Börse" model would challenge the traditional business model of car trading. In fact, however, it combines numerous advantages and is therefore a valuable addition for every car dealership:

  • Car exchange as a digital showroom: Those who cannot spontaneously drop by your dealership can also find your offer online. With an innovative app such as the picdesigner you can create professional vehicle images inno time at all, even without Photoshop skills.
  • Theyalso become visible nationwide: advertising campaigns such as posters usually only reach potential buyers in your region. Online, on the other hand, you will also be visible to buyers who live further away, but who are sure to take the journey for their dream car.
  • Make contact online, do business offline: online and dealer information combined are crucial for sales success. With a presence in a car exchange, you are at least one click ahead of the competition.
  • Linking vehicle management and online sales: A car exchange is worthwhile if the offer creation process is straightforward. A modern car dealership software, such as the AUTOMANAGER, makes vehicle management easier for you. Smart interfaces update your offer on over fifty car exchanges with just one click!

Our pro tip: Create your own car exchange and increase your conversion rate by 5%! With the AUTOMANAGER Marketplace pixelconcept provides you with an innovative software solution that can be integrated into your website in no time via a plugin and is ready to go right away!

Die Auto Leasing Börse - Take over used vehicle with leasing

Auto-leasing-through-online auto market

A special form of the car exchange is the car leasing exchange. These platforms specialise in brokering leasing to finance a new or used vehicle. A well-known Auto Leasing Börse is for example leasingtime.

Car exchange in comparison - Germany's car exchanges enter the race

Have you ever asked yourself the question whether it is really necessary to use every car exchange? We looked at and compared five prominent representatives from the category Auto Börse Deutschland, which is the best as a supplement to the traditional car dealership.

Car exchange*Car
Offer1.07 million vehicles1.5 million vehicles133,874 Vehicles352,000 vehicles
Users and reach10 million users13 million usersNot specifiedNot specified
Costs for dealers**Rate Flex 55 499,00 EuroTariff Compact
529.99 Euro
Advertisement free of charge, additional services optionally with costsPerformance-based commission on sales price
Calculate financing+++Depending on the dealer
Dealer reviews++Not specified
Special featuresVarious promotion tools on the websiteVarious promotion tools on the websiteIndividual examination of all advertisementsFor dealers only, strict quality criteria

*All values refer to the 2019/2020 data published by the Autobörse

** Costs on the calculation example monthly 50 ads on the KFZ Börse

Which is the best online car exchange in Germany?

The best online car exchange in Germany is on a par with the Autoscout24 platform. Both convince with a diverse range of offers and a high reach, which makes them interesting as a sales platform and dealer exchange for motor vehicles. The car exchange follows in third place.

1st and 2nd place: Autoscout24 and

Third place:

In our comparison, and the platform come in at the bottom of the league, as the possible reach and entry conditions of each car exchange are not communicated transparently to dealers.

Our reading tip: You can find a detailed comparison between Autoscout24 and in our blog article Autoscout or Mobile - Which is the better portal?

Car exchange for your own car dealership website

Your own dealer website is an important element in the customer journey and the purchasing process. For this reason, an individual car exchange is also indispensable for the car dealership's own website.

The free version of the software platform AUTOMANAGER already includes a car exchange, which can be easily integrated into your own website. In this way, visitors and interested parties can also find out about the full range of vehicles on offer on the dealer's website.

Our conclusion - the car exchange is an indispensable sales tool!

The presence on a car exchange such as Autoscout24 or is a promising opportunity for car dealers to meet the car customer on his digital customer journey and to sustainably increase the conversion rate. Modern software solutions such as AUTOMANAGER also make it easier for small car dealers to get started and help them to manage their advertisements efficiently and cost-effectively.

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