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A car editing program, with which car images can be edited, is now standard equipment for many car dealers. Good photos make an impression and as numerous scientific studies prove, images are much easier for us to capture and process than text. These interesting facts about the effect of pictures speak for themselves:

  • Images are perceived 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Images appeal to our emotions and remain in our memory longer.
  • Images convince us because they are perceived as a reproduction of reality.
Photo editing-on-mobile phone for car dealership advertising

How these insights into the perception of images affect reality is demonstrated by the success stories of the major social media platforms that have educated 21st century customers to "scroll" and "left".

This development can of course also be observed in car dealerships and has a significant influence on the service life and sales success of car dealers. Professional car images are a decisive criterion in the purchase decision process of online-affine customers.

Learn about the challenges of car image editing, what is important for excellent car images and how a car editing program can support you. Because there is no second chance for the visual first impression!

Editing car photos - 3 challenges for car dealers

When it comes to car photos for the online showroom, many car dealers get headaches. Shooting and editing professional image material poses time, space and technical challenges for the car dealership staff:

One: We don't have time!

The employees in the car dealership do not have time and the photographer is fully booked - a typical problem when it comes to creating and editing car pictures. Nevertheless, many car dealerships fall into a time and cost trap here! Because the real time problem is usually the longer, cost-intensive downtime of the vehicle.

2. we are missing the right photo place!

Even in the most spacious car showroom every free angle is used and here the question quickly arises where a car should best be photographed after taking it in so that the background fits and no other vehicles distract from the star of the picture. Even changeable weather often thwarts the plan. Those who do not want to invest in an expensive photo place often only have to leave the car pictures blank.

3. we are not Photoshop experts!

Car frame cropping can be done quickly with programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom, but every amateur graphic artist has certainly noticed that desire and reality are often far apart. If the car is cropped, it is noticeable that important details are missing or it looks as if the car is hovering above the ground. Unfortunately this does not look professional!

auto-inside-up-photo-app-image optimization

Car exempted and optimized - these 3 criteria are important

When editing car images, no compromises should be made so that your car photos online become a "thumb stopper" when scrolling and an effective sales boost. But what does it actually depend on to make car pictures look professional? Car dealers should pay attention to these three criteria:

1. the picture quality must be right!

In the past, expensive photo equipment or a photographer was necessary to shoot pictures in good quality, but today a handle in the host's pocket is enough. Modern smartphone cameras deliver pictures in convincing quality that you or your employees can easily take themselves!

2. show a lot of love for the details when parking the car!

Especially with self-shot pictures, the auto crop is part of it, so that the photos look professional. But it needs to be done skillfully! Adjusting reflections, cropping windows, adjusting the background and adding a shadow - amateurs quickly reach their limits. A remedy is provided by an auto photo design program such as picdesigner. With the help of this software, you can outsource image processing easily and cost-effectively.

3. create a recognition value!

We have to see an advertisement about seven times before we consciously remember it. Therefore, recognition value is also important for car images. A car editing program like picdesigner for example, backdrops your cropped cars with an individual background so that potential customers remember you and you can take your car pictures regardless of a photo location or the weather.

Auto photo design program - simply release the car in turbo gear

So we at pixelconcept have asked ourselves how we can make it easiest for you to optimise your sales with professional car images. Our solution? We simply combine vehicle images and image editing in one app on your Smartphone!

The picdesigner supports you in the dealership, in the workshop or as a car dealer to save up to 5 days of downtime and thus 50% of your costs by boosting your sales with excellent pictures. And it's that simple:

  • picdesigner Download app and log in
  • Define individual photo guideline for the vehicle image Edit
  • Create any order
  • Take pictures and upload them to the app
  • Submit optimization order
  • Notification by push message for completion
  • Download professional images from the dashboard and use them directly

In this way, more than 1,100 car dealers create several thousand photos every day with the picdesigner. A particularly practical feature is that you can also import the finished images directly via a smart interface to the AUTOMANAGER can also import the finished images directly and present them with just a few clicks in the online salesroom as well as on various platforms.

Auto photo software app - your smartphone becomes a photo studio

Turn your smartphone into a photo studio thanks to a car editor, make editing car pictures a breeze and shine with your customers with professionally edited car pictures. Want to learn more about picdesigner ? Then contact us in live chat, via email at or by phone at +49 561 7898450 and arrange a free demo appointment.

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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