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Car search engine - Is a car search engine worthwhile for dealers?

A car search engine is the shortest way for dealers to find a new used car. The used car market in Germany is booming and has been for years! According to statistics , the total turnover on the German used car market in 2000 was still 59 billion euros, in 2019 it was already almost 90 billion euros.

In order to meet the increasing demand, you as a car dealer are dependent on acquiring "new used cars" on a regular basis. One way of acquiring new vehicles is car owners who trade in their old car to buy a new one. But is this income really enough to enable you to quickly make a suitable offer to each of your eager-to-buy customers?

From the brand of car you want to buy to the condition of the vehicle, there are many criteria to consider that are critical to sales potential and estimated service life.

Car search engines make your search for used cars easier

And this is where the car search engine comes in! Putting a car up for sale on the Internet is already a matter of course for many car owners. Free online platforms such as Autoscout or Mobile make it easy for private sellers to sell their used cars.

These offers are also interesting for car dealers, there can easily be one or the other pearl between the advertisements. But perhaps you also know from experience that scanning all relevant car exchanges and thousands of advertisements per day is almost impossible due to lack of time.

Car search engine easily find cars

This is where a car search engine or a car search program comes in. Such a car search program for dealers screens all relevant offers on different portals at the same time and thus simplifies your daily work. We have taken a look at which car search engines and car search programs are available, where the differences lie and what has proven itself in everyday car dealership use.

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Article condition used - This can a used car search engine

Finding used cars with a search engine? A car search engine does in a few seconds what a car dealer employee would have to research for hours. For this purpose, a car search engine performs a so-called meta search.

What is a used car meta search engine?

A meta car search engine executes a search request you have entered, for example for a car of a certain brand within a certain radius, simultaneously on several online platforms. For example, you receive search results from the databases of Autoscout, Mobile or Hey Car bundled in one search result.

Car Search Engine Test - Which is the best car search engine?

We looked at several car search engines and tested them for you to see which had the best deal. Here is our comparison:

Our selection: Car search engines Germany

  • Automarkt.de: Car search engine with 1.3 million offers, advertisements also possible
  • Trovit: meta car search engine of the online portal with 1.3 million offers
  • Auto Uncle: Car search engine compiles offers from dealer websites
  • AUTOkralle: Car search engine with 926,427 vehicles from various portals
  • Verivox: General comparison portal with search engine for car advertisements
  • 12Used cars: Used car search engine with around 350,000 offers

Our result: This car search engine wins in the comparison

In our car search engine test, we award the prize for the best car search engine to two candidates: Automarkt.de and Trovit have the most listings of all providers and therefore offer you the largest selection. However, we would also like to point out that every car search engine in our comparison is free and therefore worth a try.

Car search software - This is what a car search program does when searching for a vehicle

A car search program also helps you find a selection of used cars according to your search criteria within a few seconds. Nevertheless, there are some differences in contrast to a car search engine.

Car search program vs. car search engine - what's the difference?

Unlike a car search engine, which you access online directly as a website, a car search program is a special software that you install on your PC or mobile as a car search program app. You then perform your search on the user interface of the car search program.

Car Search Software Test - Which is the best car search software?

We went on a search to find out for you which is the best and fastest car search program. Here is our comparison to:

Car search programs in Germany

  • PAS Plus: real-time search with up to 4 million vehicles, subscription from 89 euros per month
  • Autopointer: no information about search scope, subscription from 73,25 Euro per month
  • CarDeluxe: Search on Autoscout and Mobile, subscription from 43 euros per month
  • Carspider: real-time search with up to 4 million vehicles, subscription from 79 euros per month
  • Bingooo: search on 16 German portals, optional international, subscription from 20 euros per month
  • Autoradarx: Search on Autoscout, Mobile and Ebay, no prices available
  • Road: Search on Autoscout, Mobile and Ebay, no installation, from 69 Euro per month

Our result: This car search program wins in the comparison

The best car search program from our comparison and the feedback of our customers is the provider Autopointer. Although no details are given about the search scope, users praise the speed and clear user interface as well as the reliable customer support. In addition, you can test the car search program for free to get an idea of it yourself.

From intake to sale - what's the next step for you?

Finding a new used car with the help of a car search engine or a car search program is only one side of the coin. Then it's a matter of preparing the vehicle for sale as quickly as possible and getting it to the right customer with the shortest possible downtime. Car dealership software, such as the AUTOMANAGER:

Functions car dealership software
  • Digital process management from cleaning and repair on receipt to the sales floor to control downtime and efficiency
  • Advertisecurrent vehicle inventory and upload to over 50 online platforms simultaneously for resale with just one click
  • Lead management for car dealers from communication tools to digital sales contracts
  • Create yourown website and vehicle exchange with just a few clicks and without IT knowledge

Our professional tip: A big challenge in the car dealership is the creation of professional image material. Many businesses have neither the space for their own photo studio, nor an expensive camera, nor the capacity to employ a photographer. It's easier with an app like the picdesigner. Learn more about this in our blog article Edit car pictures like a pro.

Our conclusion - car search engines help with vehicle purchase!

Using a search engine to find car & co is proving to be a real relief in everyday business for more and more car dealers. Whether it's a free car search engine or a car search program - we recommend you take a look at the different offers and then choose which one suits your workflows best.

Once you have taken delivery of the new used cars, a car dealership software helps you to resell them efficiently.

We at pixelconcept develop digital sales solutions for the car trade and work with over 5,000 customers throughout Europe. Would you like to learn more about how our software can help you in your daily car dealership routine? Then contact our developer team by phone at +49- 561-789845-0 or book a non-binding demo appointment via our live chat.

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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