Sign contracts digitally now with Automanager

The manual signature as a brake in car sales has now become obsolete

Up to 16 contracts and signatures are required for a car sale: From the privacy policy, self-disclosure, test drive agreement to the order or purchase contract. The same applies to every workshop visit with any extension orders.

Although personal contact with the customer still plays a major role in a car dealership, various services have arrived in the digital world - faster than expected.

Pixelconcept now provides a possibility to conclude contracts with the customer digitally and legally secure with just one click via the software platform AUTOMANAGER .

First legally compliant solution according to eIDAS on the market 

With the new solution, which is unique in Germany to date, car dealerships can create all end-to-end online processes and thus complete approvals, contracts and transactions faster. 

The electronic signature can be used in any country of the EU in a legally secure manner and cannot be rejected as evidence. An advanced electronic signature (FES) is created in accordance with eIDAS. 

"We are proud to be the first automotive software platform to offer an integration for legally binding signatures. We are thus solving a big problem in the current time and finally also one of the last gaps in online sales", says Torben Ullmann, CEO and founder of pixelconcept. 

Previous solutions are not seamlessly integrated into existing software tools and usually increase the number of systems for the vendor. The solution from pixelconcept is directly in the sales process at each partial step always only one click away and even suggests the corresponding contract types automatically. At the same time, all contracts and their status are displayed on the customer's screen via the existing lead management functionalities. Double entry and maintenance is completely eliminated - but at the same time ensures 100% transparency and revision security. 

100% security for your data 

In addition to biometric data, pixelconcept as a certified company meets high requirements in data protection and security for the end customer and the car dealership. All documents are highly encrypted with a notarially deposited private key before any changes are made.  

Digitalisation leap for over 1,000 car dealers 

Thanks to the integration into the inventory system, this function is now immediately available to all 1,200 retailers. The activation is carried out by the car dealership and is then immediately available to every user and salesperson.

"We are rolling out a signature extension to over 1,000 retailers and over 5,000 users. Large car dealership groups as well as independent dealerships are participating. We are thus bringing about a further digitalisation leap in the automobile trade overnight," Torben Ullmann continues. 

No contractual obligation - no obligations 

The possibility to sign contracts online is now available to users. There is a charge of 5 EUR only for use and successful signing. There is no further purchase obligation and no monthly license fee. 

"It was important to us right from the start to provide a solution for the entire automotive trade without financial hurdles. Even smaller companies can use the digital signature without risk if required," says Torben Ullmann. 

Further Information 

More details can be found on the website An online demo with a product expert can also be booked directly at short notice. 

Extensive help package 

Only recently, the software provider launched an extensive help package during the Corona crisis. In this package, all modules and services can be used at a special price until 30.06.2020. As part of this campaign, the extension of the digital signature is also available. More information about the help package is available here

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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