The Tool Life Controller: The new tool in the Automanager

The Stand Time Controller visually depicts your processes. With the idle time controller pixelconcept reacts to the increasing need of the vehicle trade to establish and expand the controlling of the idle times. The new tool, which is currently still in a pilot phase, will be integrated into the Automanager vehicle management before the end of the year and can be individually adapted to the conditions and workflows in the respective car dealership.

The effective service life controlling makes it possible to optimise the individual steps from purchase to the actual offering of the vehicle on the sales floor. To this end, the car dealerships themselves can define the process stages, note service providers in the system and create their own processes. For example, exact time specifications can be made as to how long a service provider or a department of the car dealership may take for a step in the process. Automatic reminder and escalation e-mails provide parallel time-saving support in keeping to the process.

The concept of the tool life controller has already been awarded in the BEST OF 2017 category "industry software".


For each process step (e.g. paint shop, reconditioning, workshop, etc.), a responsible person is defined. This person can be an external service provider or an employee of the dealership. The system uses the current location of the vehicle to identify the process step in which the vehicle is located.
The update is carried out via PC or by QR code scan via the Automanager app.

The tool life controller makes it possible to identify weak points and potentials in processes and to effectively shorten tool life. It shows which processes take up too much time and helps to optimize them.


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