Vehicle valuations via AI and smartphone

Thanks to advances in data processing and the use of artificial intelligence, it is now possible to automate the assessment of condition and the preparation of appraisals for vehicles. This makes it possible to speed up valuation processes that in the past still took a lot of time and caused high process costs.

The AI mimics the human inspector in assessments

For the preparation of vehicle appraisals and assessments, it is important to obtain a visual impression of the vehicle's condition that is as complete as possible. The human inspector moves around the vehicle and looks at all parts in search of conspicuous areas. The AI also proceeds in a similar way, but it is dependent on photos from data material that it can evaluate.

From a technical point of view, a few tricks help to make the user experience as pleasant as possible when collecting the required data. One of the key advantages of using AI is seamless integration. The AI works in the background and supports the user in the assessment without him noticing.

The Autoscan App by pixelconcept offers detailed instructions for the assessment, which makes the process simple and time-efficient. The predefined photo templates show the user step by step which parts he has to photograph in order to obtain a comprehensive overall picture of the vehicle and the assessment.

This is how easy the assessment with the Autoscan app for vehicles works

The Autoscan app for vehicle condition assessments by pixelconcept offers such simple user guidance and thus facilitates the recording of damage to the vehicle. Useful, as already mentioned, are the predefined photo templates that already provide the required perspectives. The user only has to fit the vehicle into the templates. This takes the app one step further in terms of user guidance and makes it much easier to use.

All essential information about the damage is summarised in the app. The artificial intelligence therefore not only recognises the parts and the damage that occurred to them for you. You also immediately receive a report that informs you comprehensively about the current condition of the vehicle. This way, you have all the important data available in the app at a glance. If you wish, you can also have the automatically generated report sent to you as a PDF.

Damage detection by the AItakes only a few minutes in autoscan. The AI is able to recognise various types of damage on its own. In this discipline, it is as efficient as a human assessor. The crucial thing is that everyone can use the app for themselves. After you have recorded the relevant areas on the vehicle, an automatic upload is carried out by the app.

But the autoscan service does not stop there. The app not only marks the damage on the vehicle for the user. It immediately calculates the repair costs that may be incurred. To do this, the application uses an integrated damage catalogue. This gives the user a quick overview of the financial value of the car.

Artificial intelligence AI: The user has an influence on the quality of the appraisal and valuation

How precise the evaluation by the AI is also depends on the user. Basically, the quality improves when you take more photos. This also always depends on the time budget. If you are in a hurry, a few shots are enough to get a first important assessment. Later you can invest more time and get more accurate results.

As a user, you can expect autoscan to offer you ever greater benefits over time. This is the nature of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Because the AI learns every day and can improve its capture accuracy the more photos it receives for evaluation.

Should the AI actually fail to recognise a part or damage, the user has the option of adding it manually at any time. In this way, complete documentation can be achieved in any case.

Photos can be taken anywhere

For the app, it does not matter where you record the photos of the damage. You can take photos in the car dealership under optimal lighting conditions, as well as outdoors in sunlight. However, the lighting conditions should not be too bad, such as during darkness.

In addition, the user must maintain an optimal distance from the vehicle. This is about one to two metres. It is not beneficial to work at too close a distance to the vehicle and the camera should not be too far away either. In the case of a small scratch, on the other hand, it makes sense to get close with the camera. Basically, the optimal distance is always the one we ourselves take when we want to examine a damage with the naked eye.

These are the decisive advantages of an appraisal / valuation via smartphone

Anyone who uses the Autoscan app for vehicle valuations and relies on the possibilities of an AI to create the appraisals will benefit from numerous advantages. These are the most important:

  • Cost savings: The car dealership does not have to hire specialist staff, the costs for this are eliminated. In terms of costs, apps are therefore clearly superior.
  • Time saving: Working with a professional / expert usually requires a prior appointment. Often they are in high demand and have only limited capacities available. The result is long waiting times that can delay the entire process. This is not the case with the app.
  • Pure digital solution: With a digital solution, the flexibility is much higher. Assessments can be carried out on any day and at any time.
  • Easy handling: Every employee is able to carry out the condition assessments of the vehicle using the app. Simple instructions are all that is needed, and there is no need for long training periods.
  • Fair payment: In the case of the app solution, payment is made per transaction. This is a transparent and fair payment.
  • Use of modern technology: The customer immediately gets an "aha" experience because he is allowed to handle advanced technology. This increases acceptance.
  • High customer satisfaction: It is possible to submit an offer to the customer at any time. This fast service has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.
  • Conservation of internal resources: With the app solution, it is not necessary to tie up resources in your own workshop.
  • Learning artificial intelligence AI: The results with the app are constantly improving, because the AI is always learning.

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