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Our marketing tip: Market vehicle accessories at the car dealership

How efficiently do you already use the sales potential in the car service business? Marketing vehicle accessories at a car dealership can pay off for you in many ways. After all, garages and car dealerships achieve a total annual turnover of more than 30 billion euros with vehicle accessories and services in Germany.

Reason enough for us to take a closer look! How can you market vehicle accessories in your car dealership and thus also generate sustainable sales? The solution is: Rely on digital customer loyalty 2.0.

Customer loyalty in the car dealership: Vehicle accessories in the marketing mix

To market vehicle accessories at a car dealership is not a new idea and is already being implemented by many car dealers. What is new, however, is that smart and efficient marketing of vehicle accessories can open up untapped sales potential for your car dealership. These marketing tips will help you to expand your service business in a targeted manner:

  • Meet your customers online! Around 69 percent of buyers of vehicle accessories obtain information online. Once in your digital showroom, you can attract the attention of potential new customers even more effectively.
  • Cross-selling with vehicle accessories! Offer your customers the right vehicle accessories when buying a car and increase your sales turnover.
  • Up-selling with vehicle accessories! If you have inspired a new customer with your service offer, you will be shortlisted as a trusted car dealer for the next car purchase.

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Digital car dealership: Car accessories in your online showroom

If you would like to market vehicle accessories in your car dealership, the question now arises as to how the business area can be integrated into your workflow or expanded in a targeted manner in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Digital solutions, such as the All-in-One vehicle exchange from pixelconcept, can help here.

The flexible and well thought-out modular system supports you in your car dealership in marketing vehicle accessories in three ways

  1. Create your own online showroom! With just a few clicks you can create a professional website for your car dealership without any previous knowledge and present your vehicle stock and accessories online.
  2. Smart interfaces make your work easier! Thanks to the integration of catalogues from over 25 OEMs, you can connect your vehicle stock with the appropriate accessories. One more click and your offer appears additionally on more than 50 online platforms such as Autoscout, Mobile and Co.
  3. Everything in view with the AUTOMANAGER! The car dealership software AUTOMANAGER is the interface for your vehicle management, your digital showroom and your sales activities. This way, your sales staff always have the cross-selling potential of the vehicle accessories in view.

Our conclusion: Score points with your customers at the car dealership with vehicle accessories!

If you are looking for new ideas for your car dealership marketing, you should definitely pay more attention to car accessories. Services and car parts promise untapped sales potential, which you can exploit for yourself thanks to smart software support. 

Digital solutions, such as the applications from pixelconcept, efficiently support you in marketing vehicle accessories in your car dealership.

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