Wirkaufendeinauto interaction with car dealership software Automanager

Dealers on wirkaufendeinauto: AUTOMANAGER use targeted

In April 2020, the Süddeutsche Zeitung ran the headline "Buying cars from the couch", describing a process that has kept the entire automotive industry on tenterhooks for years. Because in the stationary car market, too, it is clear that digitalization is not stopping at car dealerships.

Car buyers in Germany are increasingly turning to online portals such as Autoscout, Mobile or wirkaufendeinauto. AUTOMANAGER and other digital solutions determine the day-to-day business of local car dealers.

But the real challenge for a successful online business is: Only if your car dealership software works efficiently with platforms like wir-kaufen-dein-auto.de will you save time and increase your sales at the same time. We have taken a close look at the interface for you.

wir-kaufen-dein-auto.de: How the online portal works

The business model of wir-kaufen-dein-auto.de has traditionally focused entirely on private customers. Anyone who wanted to sell their car found an innovative alternative to the stationary car trade in the online dealer.

But in February 2019, the wide-reach portal introduced a car market in Germany that also gives professional dealers the opportunity to sell cars via the website. The digital car market offers these advantages to your car dealership:

  • Free trial period, then with fees for real requests
  • Exclusive options for discounts and advertisements
  • View data and statistics about your inventory on the website

But as good as all this sounds - the question is how to integrate your vehicle inventory as seamlessly as possible on wirkaufendeinauto. And this is where the AUTOMANAGER comes into play!

Smart interface: wirkaufendeinauto & AUTOMANAGER

As a digital all-in-one solution, the AUTOMANAGER supports you in efficiently organising your everyday business from vehicle management to sales and car dealership marketing. Thanks to a smart interface to the wirkaufendeinauto portal, you can use the AUTOMANAGER to create your advertisements in just a few clicks:

  1. Store vehicle data on receipt in AUTOMANAGER
  2. Professional vehicle images with the app picdesigner create
  3. Upload data to wirkaufendeinauto and over 50 other portals simultaneously with one click

This means that you or your employees can do in seconds what would take an entire afternoon without the AUTOMANAGER without any prior technical knowledge. The faster the vehicle is online, the shorter the downtime!

Our conclusion: Profit from AUTOMANAGER on wirkaufendeinauto!

The car market of the 21st century is changing rapidly. Only with smart, digital solutions can stationary car dealerships keep up with the rapid development. Technical teamwork like that between wirkaufendeinauto and AUTOMANAGER makes selling cars online an efficient breeze.

Would you like to know how AUTOMANAGER can support you? The pixelconcept developer team will be happy to advise you by phone at +49-561-789845-0 or during a non-binding strategy meeting.

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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