Used car exchanges - how satisfied are dealers?

Dealers have no other choice - they have to deal with used car exchanges. However, the search for a suitable provider is often difficult. The field is subject to constant change. Tools and offerings are constantly changing. Suddenly, new competitors appear, while other platforms disappear completely. So what should dealers look out for? Which used car exchanges are recommended?

Why are used car exchanges still relevant?

As an important part of the car business, exchanges provide most of the leads of potential buyers. This means that dealers are dependent on these platforms. This is also confirmed by the Autohaus Pulsschlag dealer survey. The market leader is, with in second place. Some dealers also prefer manufacturer-specific used car exchanges. Only 29 percent use Heycar, while 14 percent opt for This platform is operated by the Bank Deutsches Kfz-Gewerbe.

The vehicle exchanges and Autoscout24 continue to account for the largest share, albeit with slight declines.

Which exchanges are popular with traders?

Numerous dealers prefer the platform, which is just ahead of Autoscout24 and offers from the various vehicle suppliers. impresses above all with its clear design, so that interested buyers can find a suitable car quickly and easily. There is also the option to rate the dealers. If you have already received numerous positive reviews, this is displayed on the dealer page. This makes it possible to convince new customers of the services.
Santander Consumer Bank's platform achieved fourth place. Representatives of German premium brands were also surveyed. They state that they make 49 percent of car sales with the help of leads supplied by the exchanges. The average figure is "only" 38 percent.

What are the points of criticism?

Used car exchanges such as and Autohaus24 continue to play an important role for dealers. However, dealers also criticize some points. The high fees charged by the platforms continue to be a thorn in the side of most dealers. The users surveyed also find advertising from third-party providers annoying. They are of the opinion that the ads distract interested customers. Delivered search results are often described as questionable and over a quarter of dealers are not satisfied with the lead quality. However, the return achieved on car sales via leads from the exchanges gives no cause for complaint. 65 percent of respondents note that earnings are similar to other channels.


Used car exchanges will continue to play an important role for dealers in generating leads in the future. Dealers are also prepared to pay high fees for this. The and Autohaus24 platforms in particular are the first choice for many car dealers.

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