Your own website - your lead magnet

Optimize tracking with your own leads

The better the lead quality, the more successful the entire online marketing in B2B and B2C business. Incidentally, your own website is the best way to make yourself largely or completely independent of competitors such as car dealerships. The aim is to bring potential car customers to your own homepage with professional tracking, to guide them there, so to speak.

Dealer site is the best self-promotion for the car dealership

Everyone is his own neighbor, and everyone acts in his own interest!

This applies to the car manufacturer as well as to car portals and vehicle exchanges on the Internet. In this mixed situation, the car dealer must see where he stands in order to be successful in the long term. The success of the business can be directly influenced by online marketing - if it is handled correctly.

The dealer's own homepage should at best be Fahrzeugbörse + Showroom. In order to increase the traffic on the website, the tracking together with the lead quality must also be right. Generating your own leads is the same as winning over potential customers for the car dealership's offers. The attractiveness of the website is one thing, own leads with first-class lead quality is another. All of this adds up to successful online marketing.

Show the customer what he can expect and what is offered

In order to be independent on all sides, the car dealer's website must be able to score points with unique selling points and exclusive information.

Some examples and explanations

  • The own homepage can be designed like the business card of the company and can be equipped with individual content. Nobody talks into it, the car dealer is and remains his own boss
  • The company presence with its own domain makes it free and independent in every respect. Car manufacturers or contract suppliers come and go, while the own website remains unaffected by this permanently. It develops into a trademark of the local car dealer
  • Only your own website makes it possible to represent more than one car brand. Every manufacturer's homepage is like a one-way street; advertising is always in one direction only. This is in the nature of things, but also makes you dependent and unfree
  • Your own leads and website are like a junket. Nobody else can influence the lead quality. Online marketing remains in one hand and is determined exclusively by the car dealer
  • Evaluation possibilities for leads, tracking, traffic and other things are available to the domain owner without restriction, free of charge and in full validity. Nothing is routed away or simply not mentioned. The resulting optimization potential can be used according to your own business decision

Doing one thing and not letting go of the other - the better is the enemy of the good

The complete data for each individual vehicle should be stored and accessible with a mouse click. The car dealer's website must be more visible, both visually and in terms of information content, than on the manufacturer's site or elsewhere. Anyone who has ever been directed to such an attractive homepage will be happy to come back. Your own website and the manufacturer's presence complement each other, but nothing more.

Online marketing is really successful when the focus is on your own company presence with its lead quality and the brand manufacturer's homepage is only called up in the second step.

Then it is done - Leadmagnet is now your own website!

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

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