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DAT Software: How to use the extensive car database in a car dealership

DAT Software is an institution in the digital automotive industry. The Deutsche Automobil Treuhand was already founded in 1931 and has lost nothing of its topicality until today. DAT Automobile offers one of the most comprehensive databases for motor vehicles worldwide. It provides this as software for automotive experts, workshops and car dealerships in the automotive industry.

But how do you efficiently integrate the DAT program into your everyday business? And does every car dealership really need DAT online access? We have looked into this for you!

The DAT software: Evaluate cars and calculate repair costs

DAT's original task was the independent and neutral evaluation of used vehicles, the market for which was still in its infancy in the 1930s. Today, used cars worth 90 billion euros are traded in Germany every year.
DAT's area of expertise has grown with the used car market. The DAT software takes over these tasks for you:

  • Valuate used cars: Determine the independent and neutral DAT price for any used car.
  • Use DAT Online: By means of VIN query (Vehicle Identification Number) you can transfer vehicle data via smart interfaces directly to your car dealership software or to a used car exchange.
  • Motor vehicle expert software: With the DAT expert software, repair costs, residual value and damage calculation after an accident can be calculated.
Car dealership software - which is the best

The DAT program: SilverDAT 3 is the gold standard in the industry
To access the DAT database online, you need the latest DAT software. For this purpose Deutsche Automobil Treuhand has been offering various products under the name SilverDAT for over 30 years.

The latest DAT software is the DAT program SilverDAT 3 and there is also SilverDAT Expert, which is a special car expert software. Access to this version is only available to licensed DAT Expert partners.

The DAT prices: How much does the software cost for car experts?

The SilverDAT software can be booked as a 12-month subscription. The DAT software costs depend on the scope of services in the tariffs beginner, basic and flat rate. We have calculated the costs for the DAT software for you:

  • DAT software beginners: 274 Euro* per month in the 1st year including license for 1 user
  • DAT software basis: 365 Euro* per month in the 1st year and 247 Euro* from the 2nd year for 2 users
  • DAT software flat rate: 427 Euro* per month in the 1st year and 309 Euro* from the 2nd year for 2 users

*The values refer to 15 evaluations and calculations per month including car rental index, as of October 2020.

Our tip: The flat rate is only worthwhile from about 60 calculations per month.

Our conclusion: Use DAT expert software efficiently!
DAT prices are considered to be the "hard currency" on the used car market. Quick access to the database will also make it easier for you to take in new vehicles and create advertisements for Autoscout, Mobile & Co.

But make sure that the evaluated data is integrated into your dealership software as efficiently as possible. The AUTOMANAGER provides you with its own interface for this purpose, for example. You can find out more from our development team by calling +49-561-789845-0 or during a non-binding strategy discussion.

Any more questions? Would you like more information? We look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your challenges and to learn more about whether Automanager is the right tool for you.
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