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The photo app picDesigner was awarded the Annual Multimedia Award 2023 in silver in the category Best Use of Data & AI. The app convinced the top-class jury and thus receives the award. 

In 2020, around 77.7 million motor vehicles were sold worldwide ( In this context, 80% of consumers want to carry out part of the vehicle purchase online (Cox Automotive, 2021). E-commerce solutions thrive on professional product photos. The 20,000 car dealers in Germany need to create consistent, perfect photos of the vehicles for the online sales channel. The problem: poor shooting conditions, gravel and workshop floors, unstable backgrounds and no staff with photography skills. With the picDesigner app, pixelconcept makes digital retail scalable and possible for everyone.   

The PicDesigner app enables every car dealership employee to create consistent photos within 2 minutes according to their own dealership guideline - regardless of location. After the photos are created, they are cropped, optimized and integrated onto an individual background or 3D scene in just a few seconds through the use of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, virtual 3D renderings and 360¬į interior and exterior walkarounds can be created fully automatically. Even the condition and damage of the vehicle can be recorded with a smartphone and evaluated by the AI.¬†¬†¬†

For this work pixelconcepts picDesigner was awarded with the Annual Multimedia Award 2023. The Annual Multimedia Award provides an overview, documents the state of the art and filters out groundbreaking work and products. It provides answers to questions about current standards, possibilities and future perspectives of digital brand communication.

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