Practice webinar: roadsurfer - from motorhome rental company to leading outdoor adventure expert

Exciting information on trends in the motorhome market, selection of rental and sales options and all other important tips & tricks.

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The world of the motorhome business is experiencing a dynamic development that cannot be overlooked. In recent years, the trend towards camping vacations has spread rapidly, and around 14 million people in Germany now enjoy their time away in a caravan, motorhome or van. This growing market is not only attracting camping enthusiasts, but is also sparking the interest of car dealers who are considering entering this booming industry. Our upcoming webinar in collaboration with roadsurfer, the leading expert in campervan rental in Europe and North America, will address this topic. With over 70 international rental locations, roadsurfer not only offers an impressive geographical reach, but also represents a comprehensive understanding of the motorhome lifestyle. For roadsurfer, a motorhome is far more than just a means of transportation; it embodies the combination of mobility and accommodation, turning the journey itself into a destination. In the webinar, you will gain insights into the many aspects of the motorhome business and learn about the various selection and rental options. Learn how roadsurfer turns the motorhome experience into a holistic adventure by taking individual needs into account. Join us for this exciting hands-on webinar and discover the different ways you can benefit from the latest developments in the motorhome market.

We invite you to a LIVE expert talk with the following guests:

  • Christian Fischer (Team Lead Product roadsurfer)
  • Torben Ullmann (Founder & CEO pixelconcept)
  • Nils Rollke (Head of Product pixelconcept)


  • roadsurfer - who exactly is roadsurfer, what is their mission & what makes them different from other providers?
  • roadsurfer Sales & Subscription - what is the strategy behind this offer?
  • Motorhome market - general development, status quo and prospects
  • roadsurfer individual programming - B2B exchange, Automanager Marketplace and much more

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Who is this webinar for:

  • Managing Director / Owner
  • Sales management
  • Seller
  • Marketing / Digital Responsible
Featured Partner roadsurfer

Date and time

Thursday, March 14, 2024
11:00 am
60 minutes

Cost of attendance

free of charge

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