Twinner + Automanager



Twinner® digitizes your car and creates a Twinn® of your car. This allows potential buyers to experience your vehicle on online sales platforms as if they were standing in front of it.

With a virtual 360° tour around your car and its interior, viewers can scrutinize every detail.

In addition, interested parties receive comprehensive information about your vehicle, describing its condition and value. This saves you annoying conversations and helps you find trustworthy buyers.

All data, photos and the 360° view are clearly collected and available in your Twinn®.

Perfect interaction of Twinner and the Automanager

The Automanager offers dealerships the ability to manage, organize and execute all of their work in one place - from day-to-day operations to strategic initiatives. The Automanager is free to get started, easy to use and powerful enough to manage your entire dealership or group of dealerships. Learn all about Automanager today .


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